Meet Rick

I believe everyone should live a life of
No Excuses, No Fears, No Apologies.

They say that living a lie is harder than living your truth. But in 1999 when life was completely falling apart: a divorce, two households to support, job loss, career change….. had someone, at that time, suggested to, “just wait because the good stuff is coming,” Rick would have screamed, “Fuck off!”

But there are times in life when we must start over. We must go through the challenges in order to grow.

Today, Rick Clemons is a life and business coach, speaker, author, and podcaster. With his husband by his side and two grown children, life looks dramatically different than it did more than 20 years ago.

“I started living by my expectations rather than others, and gained the confidence to love me.

“Instead of seeking out hidden sexual experiences and lying about who I was, I found love with a man who embraced me and my kids.

“Of course, none of this was easy. I wouldn’t bullshit you. That’s not my style.”

In addition to speaking from stages around the country, today Rick helps men who are struggling with their sexuality to learn to be themselves, to stop making excuses, face their fears, and commit to living an unapologetic life.

“The truth of who you are is far more powerful than the false truth you are pretending to be, so let’s work together to show the world WHO YOU ARE!”

Esteemed Reviews

Outside of becoming a firm friend, Rick's ability to switch from the strategic to the actionable in a breath is something that is rare to find in this busy world of "online gurus". With an empathetic ear and firm stance, Rick is one of the few people I know who can simultaneously inspire & deliver, doing so with startlingly accurate insight and unrelenting results. A true master of his craft.
- Mark Asquith | Excellence Expected • Podcast Websites
Rick puts his heart and soul into his work -- it comes through in everything he does. If you're looking to make bold moves, he's the perfect guide and mentor.
- Tamsen Webster | CEO & Founder, Strategic Speaking and Executive Producer, TEDxCambridge
Rick is the real deal. If I were trapped in the closet, he's the first one I'd call. Wait, is there phone reception in the closet? In any case, it's rare to meet someone so genuine yet also so wise (don't tell him I said that part).
- Chris Guillebeau | Author of SIDE HUSTLE

No Life Well Lived
Ever Happened In A Closet.

One of the coolest gifts I believe we can give each other is the kickass gift of inspiration. From my heart and soul to yours, I’m gifting you a free copy of My Bold Life, The Manifesto.

It's not Shakespeare but I think it will shake you up and wake you up to become more curious, give you a dose of courage to make a bold move, fire up your damn confidence, and open up the flood gates of commitment to daily live your life uncloseted.

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