Inspiring Bold Moves
To Live LIfe On Your Terms!


Rick's keynotes and  workshops make it safe for anyone to step out of the closets of their lives.

  • Progressive organizations shaking up stagnate cultures
  • Men re-defining masculinity
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs, escaping corporate cubicles
  • College and University students
  • LGBTQ individuals

His perspective? Nothing, literally nothing worth doing, ever gets done, sitting on your ass, playing it safe, and not making a bold move. Nor does living someone else's dream! 

The problem with being bold is the fear of failing, losing face with others, and rocking the boat of certainty. Before you know it, your boldness stagnates and nothing gets done… all because we’ve not given ourselves permission to make a bold move, even if that bold move means we fail trying. Until now! 

It's time to scratch the black and white thinking. Shake things up. Simplify the chaos. Disrupt the status quo. That's what Rick does in a brash, funny, make ya think way, give you tools way where you learn and grow to live life on your terms.

His speaking and workshop style, takes you to the party, the pulpit, the wake and back to the party, with his keynotes and workshops that he's delivered to audiences around the world. The result: His, It’s simple, Be Bold process inspires individuals, teams, and organizations to take more risks, break out of mundane thinking, and live lives uncloseted.

Keynotes & Workshops


Keynote + Workshop

You say you want to do it. That thing. Stop living by other people's expectations. Pursue the unconventional path. Make your bold move. So why don't you?

Because you keep jerking yourself around. Freezing up. Doing nothing. Listening to logic, not your gut. A week, a month, a year passes. You're miserable, stressed, and overwhelmed. All you had to do was realize...It's simple. Be bold.

This fun, fresh, and innovative presentation deconstructs the common fears that individuals and organizations face when contemplating risk, and out of the ordinary directions. Participants will walk away equipped to...

  • Skillfully recognize failure potholes and course correct quickly
  • Take simple actions to overcome an "I'm screwed" attitude before burning out
  • Adopt the 4 most common characteristics every bold mover possess

5 Truths For Living Life
On Your Terms


There is a rarely taught life and business skill – and if you choose to embrace it, you’ll become a master bold move maker. That skill is living a life uncloseted. Whether you’re trying to build a cohesive work team, navigate your own life desires beyond parental expectations, or taking a stand to live your personal truth, living a life uncloseted is the key to living a life well lived.

Shooting straight from the heart with personal stories of embarrassing failures and humbling successes, Rick guides audiences through a simple process for living their lives’ uncloseted.

This straight talking, no bullshit approach for continuing to break out of life’s closets while daily making bold moves, provides audiences with a…

  • Humorous look at how the human mind drives us to settle for less than our best
  • Simple formula for defining their own Life Uncloseted Manifesto
  • 5-step play book for living and creating a rich uncloseted life – personally & professionally



This provocative keynote and experiential workshop, invites men to be challenged and explore what it means to be a masculine man in a #METOO world. 

Participants are guided through a series of experiences and discussions about perceptions of masculinity from a societal and personal perspective to help them clearly define what it means for them to personally be a man based on their definition, not others. Focused on responsibility, authenticity, leadership, and personal accountability, participants will leave with a blueprint for showing up as themselves in a world crying out for masculine leaders without the masks or false bravado of masculinity. 

This workshop, slated as a half-day event, but can be condensed into a 2-hour workshop, and also features and 30 - 45-minute keynote address.

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Let’s be honest. We humans get stuck. Stuck in rotting situations and environments that suffocate us. Before we know it, we’ve got an IV of mundane living feeding our existence. But no matter how we got here, and regardless of the closets that hold us, our teams, or our organizations hostage, what we really want is to break free and have bold impact on the planet. The question is: How?

It’s pretty simple. Quit thinking in black and white terms; realize you’re trapped in a closet – self-imposed or brought on by others expectations; and discover the simple steps necessary to make a bold move. 

This provocative, eye-opening talk, takes audiences on a deep dive into the rabbit hole of redesigning deteriorating cultures – personal and professional - where they will learn:

  • How life-sucking environments can become the breeding grounds for producing greatness
  • An actionable model for identifying stifling closets and using what’s in the closet to create bold, positive change
  • What an “Uncloseted culture and life” is, and how to create one of their own



From the boardroom, to the bedroom, and in every nook and cranny of our thoughts, CONFIDENCE is the one thing that loves to keep US from getting what WE truly want in life...that is...UP UNTIL NOW.

Calling all audience members who've ever said, "I'm not good enough...I can't...I'm not smart enough...I'm not talented enough!" Your moment has arrived and it's time to leave the "you ain't got it going on" voices behind. You're about to create your own Kick Ass version of Kick Ass Confidence...your way!

During this fun, interactive experience, we're going to dive into your uniqueness so that you can kick butt and be confident in any area of your life you desire. We're going to be up on our feet, playing, practicing, and pushing some fun envelopes in a very safe and loving way to build up confidence.

You'll discover powerful tools for planning your great escape from your self-created prison, enabling you to jump arms wide open into a life where you say, "I'm making my bold move, and living my confident life."



Inspiring, motivating, and humorous, Frankly My Dear I'm LGBTQ...Get Over It All Ready, is a rally cry speech reminiscent of a Harvey Milk call to action  - take your stand, never let them see you sweat, and be solidly who you are, even in the face of adversity.

This talk sets the tone for a spirited, prideful, celebration of being an LGBTQ person on campus or in any organization. It rallies the crowd, calls for unity within our community and society, and guides audiences to lovingly use a listening ear to opposing perspectives. But most of all, this talks is about never forgetting that the LGBTQ community are torchbearers of equality and acceptance, proving to society that we are a community of inclusion, empathy, and understanding.

Through storytelling and common sense approaches for creating change, this keynote reminds the audience that as LGBTQ individuals, we never stop our coming out journeys and to leverage that experience in all aspects of life, not just sexuality and gender identity, to make the planet a better place. 

Audiences will be given the tools to overcome confusion, activate curiosity, elevate their courage, stand in their confidence, fully commit, and consistently show up to make bold moves in uncertain times when we feel most compelled to live our lives uncloseted. During this keynote, audiences will be taken to the party, the pulpit, the wake, and back to the party where the can celebrate the wonder, beauty, and power of who they are as LGBTQ citizens of the planet.


Mike Michalowicz

Profit First

Only a select few speakers deliver performances, instead of simply speeches. Rick Clemons is one of those speakers…ahem, performers. He engages the audience with powerful stories, spot-on lessons, and his wonderfully unique wit. Compare Rick to any Broadway performance, and I would pick Rick Clemons every single time.


Jess Pettitt

Author, Good Enough Now

There are a lot of speakers out there that can talk about these issues.  Rick provides a space for real conversation, connection, and a sense of calm that allows for relationships and change to develop and take hold towards something better together.  His experience paired with his calming energy and good sense of humor separates him from the pack.

Grant_Baldwin-Head Shot

Grant Baldwin

Founder, TheSpeakerLab.com

Rick is a giant teddy bear. He may look rough and tough, but he’s extremely compassionate, genuine and has a huge desire to help people make bold moves in their lives.

Eric Mooney
Principle, Murietta Valley High School

Rick Clemons was a great addition to our College Kick-off event as a guest speaker. His keynote presentation (“Make your Quirk Work”) was rated by our student audience members as “very good to excellent.” The material truly resonated with our theme for the year and the day. In his very lively session, Rick gave our students clear tips – and most importantly, actionable suggestions — on how to implement these valuable strategies.

John Jantsch
Duct Tape Marketing

Rick speaks with such honesty and emotion that his message is felt as well as heard.

Greg Guy
Northwood High School, Sociology Teacher

Rick has spoken on several occasions to my High School Sociology classes regarding his life and his journey. My classes are always in rapt attention when he speaks, and always give the highest levels of feedback. He engages with the students and they connect with him. He’s a great speaker!

Taka Oshima

Rick possesses the showmanship to really drive and engage an audience. That talent combined with his unique background an passion to help others allows him to be a truly empathetic speaker. Rick’s ability to connect so well with his audience, allowed his talk to be a huge hit amongst our Japanese audience.

Past Engagements Include...

Laguna College of Art and Design
Fullerton College

Voiceover Work