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297: Behaving Boldly, Chasing Dreams, Pony’s & Fridays – Elise Russell

Sometimes you’ve got to chase your dreams, make a bold move, and focus on two things that you find make you happy. For some that might be eating pizza and going on vacation. For others it could be taking a stand for advocacy, or stepping out of a situation that no longer serves you. However, for today’s guest, it meant telling her traditional agency creative job to take a hike so she could cut-to-the-chase and start a motivational lifestyle brand called – Pony Friday.

Now she’s deep in the mode of boldly chasing her dreams like they are already hers, and teaching other people through Pony Friday’s how to do the same. Elise Russell, former creative agency exec, award winner, and woman of action is taking action in her own life to live boldly and live her Life (UN)closeted!

Show Highlights

* Learn how discomfort outweighs the fear to get you into action
* Discover how tricks – internally and externally – keep you from making bold moves
* What does Elise mean by intelligent intuition?
* What she learned about proof, changed everything for her
* This “P” word is where every bold move starts!

About Elise

Elise Russell is a quick-witted creative director and writer known for her award-winning work, attention to detail and sass. Her work has been sifted out by the world’s top advertising award shows including, D&AD, Cannes, The One Show and Communication Arts.

As a woman of action, Elise prefers a cut-to-the-chase approach. She hates meetings and people that talk in circles so she told traditional agency life to take a hike and launched Pony Friday: a motivational lifestyle brand.
Elise is currently devoting her energy, enthusiasm and leadership to Pony Friday by collaborating with likeminded creatives to produce inspirational content and bold apparel. Elise describes PonyFriday as the only job she hasn’t wanted to quit. She is determined to live life on her own terms and set an example for others do the same.

About Pony Friday

The Pony Friday motto: Behave Boldly!
Pony Friday Mission: To help you behave boldly and chase down dreams like they’re already yours.
Pony Friday Vision: Be a leader in helping you become your most authentic self.

Connect With Pony Friday
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