Episode 008: Finding Cupid In The Gay and Lesbian World! – Guest: David Cruz III

Gay, straight, bi-sexual, transgender…the mixing bowl of finding love doesn’t really change regardless of your sexual orientation…it’s just the recipe varies slightly.

•    Is he into me because of my pecs and abs?
•    Does she like me because I’m more butch than her?
•    Do we really get each other because we were both married before we came into our sexual truth?

Hot, cute, handsome, pretty, successful, witty, focused, and driven…these word describe many of the characteristics people seek when looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right in the LGBT dating world..but they might also describe this week’s guest…David Cruz III of Finding Cupid, Millionaire Matchmaker, and a romance enthusiast extraordinaire. Whether it’s love letters, proposals, weddings, cards or romantic comedies – he loves it all and he’s made it his passion.

David and I will be exploring what’s hot, trending, and fizzling out in the world of LGBT dating, mating, and making it work. This is the show you won’t want to miss if you’re still looking for love in all the wrong places. Straight to the point, on point, and with a little prod from the point of Cupid’s Arrow, you’re sure to get red hot tips on moving from the world of Mr. or Mrs. Right Now into happily ever after.

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