The only thing standing between you and
your next move is your excuses, your fears, and your apologies!

Schedule a One-on-one, "Your Next Move" Strategy Session!

A deep dive, no BS session that brings focused clarity to your next move, and
identifies how to give yourself permission to dump the excuses,
face your fears and live life without apologies!

This strategy session will bring you
clarity, confidence, and commitment to move forward.

Is a One-on-one, "Make Your Next Move" Strategy Session For you?


    • You know you've gotta live your life, not somebody else's dream
    • Uncovering your passion and a career you love is no longer non-negotiable
    • You can no longer hide your truth about your sexuality
    • You're ready to develop unshakeable confidence
    • You're ready to take action, do the work, and get results
    • You value a one-on-one, support to guide you in your next move


    • You're ok being a roommate with your partner - no intimacy, no sex
    • Hiding your truth about your sexuality is easier than living your truth
    • You ok with things not being quite right not quite wrong
    • You can't imagine giving yourself permission to make the changes
    • Your ok with having a crappy relationship with money and success
    • You don't need a straight talking, no BS coach to change your life




How long is this session,
and what will we accomplish?


30-minutes, one-to-one, face-to-face
video coaching.

This session kicks you quickly into gear with clarity, while identifying how to overcome at least one fear or excuse that is holding you hostage. We then create a tangible action step you can implement immediately to move towards your next life move.


Do you offer
a guarantee?


For this session to be successful, you'll need to do the work,
be ready to kick ass, and open to the process.

However, I'm damn confident that you'll leave this session with a clear idea of how to take a bold action step, and with clarity that provides you a direction that makes sense to you without scaring the crap out of you and stopping you in your tracks.


Do you offer other
coaching options?


Yes. Make Your Next Move Strategy Session is the starting point
that sets the pace for what's to come.

Once you experience your first fear break through
in this session, you and I will design a customized
kickass strategy for you to continue to stop making excuses, face your fears, and start living your life without apologies.

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