Coaching Programs

The space and confidence you need to create the unapologetic life you deserve.

Gay & Bixexual Men's Life Coaching

On the other side of the closet door is a where your new life begins, but only if you give yourself permission to fully embrace all that life has to offer you as a gay or biseuxal man – career, relationships, family, success, wealth, happiness – learn how to have what you want without apologies.
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Coming Out Coaching

Coming out of the closet is one the hardest steps you’ll ever take towards a life of living unapologetically. But, coming out with dignity and respect for yourself and others, without losing yourself is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and why you need a coming out coach to guide you on your journey.
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40+ Gay Men's Chats

Once a month we get together in a very safe, laid back, and welcoming environment, where nothing is off limits – relationships, sex, coming out, health, careers, passions, purpose, success, failures, aging, religion, spirituality – we cover it all.
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Client Testimonials

When I first contacted Rick to begin coaching sessions, I was going through the greatest crisis of my entire life… I had finally come to terms with the fact that I am gay. Rick was a tremendous support for me at that time, thoughtfully walking me through the process of understanding myself and eventually coming out to my family and friends. Rick’s approach to coaching made all the difference. He never directed me to do anything. He never gave me a recipe for how to live my life. He simply asked questions that allowed me to make my own decisions and to chart my own path. It’s been two years since I began work with Rick and I have to say, my life is completely transformed. My crisis is in the past and I have reached a place where I am profoundly happy. My relationships with my family and friends are wonderful. I am at peace with myself and I feel like I have a new direction in my life. Whatever your issues: whether they be coming out, or transitioning to a new phase of life, I highly recommend Rick and his tremendous life coaching abilities.
- Brian G.
I felt like my life was on cruise control. Moving, but no real fulfilling direction. I was a little fearful about looking deep into my life to see why I was stuck, but the thought of continuing to be stuck was worse. Rick’s provided me with powerful insights and tools to rid myself of my victim mentality. I’m extremely excited that things are looking pretty damn good!
- Client.
Throughout the 18 months I have worked with Rick, I have developed a genuine, strong, overwhelming love for myself. I no longer have an inner fight going on. I am aware of my thoughts, my actions, my choices, and the energy I put into the world. Now I am a MAN, a GAY man, who can stand up and love himself regardless of who is in the room.
- Jacob M
Rick is extremely supportive, full of love and helps you tackle and overcome obstacles in an honest and straightforward fashion. Sometimes we need someone on the outside to guide us through the process and keep us on track to reach our goals. I always feel comfortable talking with Rick, and can tell he is truly listening, cares about what I am saying and wants me to succeed.
- Randy B.