Episode 107: Coming Out For PrEP…To Use or Not To Use – Damon L. Jacobs

107_ShowImage_DamonJacobs_110216One of the greatest fears for gay men, and many in society, is contracting HIV. Yet, there is an answer. An answer that is controversial – in and outside of the gay community. Rather than wrap hate around a pointed finger and say, “Let them die in their gay plague,” let’s at least step into the dialogue with open minds and get the real facts on whether to dip your wicky – with or without PrEP. PrEP expert and advocate Damon L. Jacobs brings his humor, sincerity, and expertise to this very controversial subject that every gay man should understand.

Show Highlights

  • What is PrEP and how it can be used as a tool against HIV?
  • There are options that we had never had before with the HIV epidemic
  • We can be proactive, reasonable, empowered AND pleasured
  • What if everything we “know” about #HIV & sex is wrong?
  • Imagine if the pursuit of sexual pleasure wasn’t a stigma…

Connect with Damon L. Jacobs

Damon is a New York based Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and HIV prevention specialist who focuses his work on health, social justice, and pleasure. He is best known for championing the use of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) through his work in media including MSNBC, NPR, Vice TV, Here! TV, as well as New York Times, USA Today, Out Magazine, and many more. He is featured as one of 35 “Leading HIV Activists” by The Advocate Magazine, and one of the 12 “Influential Voices in HIV/AIDS for 2015” by Healthline Magazine



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