Bonus Episode: National Coming Out Day – Find Your Voice – Amy Port

It’s National Coming Out Day! The Day that we celebrate individuals who’s found their voice, and who’ve taken a stand to say, “Closet dwelling, no longer works for me!” One of the key ways to overcoming our fears as LGBT individuals, is to find our voice, and say, “I matter and here’s why!”

As a professional speaker, I know the importance of finding my voice. I also know, as a gay man, how important it is to stand in your power, with a strong voice and say, “Here I am, just as I am.” Today, I’m bringing one of my treasured mentors to the Coming Out Lounge, to help you find your voice and take a stand. Whether you’re in the closet, just coming through the doors, or on the other side, your voice as an LGBT individual, and human matters. Don’t let anyone take that right away from you or tell you otherwise.

My guest is Amy Port, professional actress, speaking and performance coach. Trust me, not only is she a beautiful lady to look at, she’s also beautiful on the inside. Full of heart and soul, Amy guides people to find their voice on and off stage. Straight from the halls of The Yale School of Drama, Amy’s Masters in Fine Arts in Acting, will truly get you ready for one of the greatest performances of your life…coming out to be you.

Show Highlights

  • When you’re fearful, the only way through is through
  • Vulnerability is all about feeling naked on the stage…literally or metaphorically
  • The surest way to make it through a tough challenge is to PAUSE
  • Your coming out is what you are meant to do so let the curtain rise
  • Learn this breathing exercise to help you come out
  • Rehearsal is about getting comfortable with the uncomfortable
  • Find out what exercise Rick, The Coming Out Coach assigns clients to help them rehearse their coming out
  • Tweetable: What seems important now, may not be as important then
  • Tweetable: Experiences and emotions are just one blink away from a reframe

Connect With Amy

Amy Port is the co-founder and Director of Training for Heroic Public Speaking. After earning her MFA in Acting from The Yale School of Drama, she spent years acting professionally in theaters such Seattle Repertory, Oregon Shakespeare and Yale Rep, and working consistently in commercials.

Amy has assisted the Speech faculty at Yale Drama, taught acting in multiple sessions at Northwestern University, and has spent the last fifteen years mentoring teachers and speakers in bringing the hard skills of performance to their craft.






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