Episode 004: The Funny Side Of Coming Out…And Then Some!

Long before Snookie and the Jersey Shore we’re a hit, Scott Backman spent his summers making his own waves with his two brothers, Jeremy his twin, and Jonathan his younger twin, at the shore. Not sure if it was the brotherly head butts or his infatuation with Nickelodeon’s “You Can’t Do That On Television,” Scott soon found himself hooked in his own fantasy to be a comedian.

Proud member of the Mount Olive High marching band (still no sign he was gay?), swim team (for the uniforms) and track team (for the hot legs), Scott spent his weekends driving a red Pontiac Firebird (not so gay) fist pumping and cruising the strip malls (we’ll let Scott define cruising when we chat)!

Roll forward to present day. Besides his comedic and acting abilities, he’s written a book that transformed his life (we’ll get the details), and is an avid Irish Step, Swing Dancing, Internet Ordained Minister (now that’s funny)!

So a lot of funny things happen on the way to being gay…and some not so funny. But you’ll just have to listen to get the real scoop!

Check out funny man Scott Backman!

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