Episode 012: How To Protect Your ASS..ets As An LGBT Individual. – Guest: Eric Rudolph

None of us wants to face the unexpected. Especially after “coming out of the closet.” The last thing any LGBT individual wants is more hassle, worry, and heartache. That being the case (no pun intended), the question becomes, “What have you done or are you doing to protect yourself from the pitfalls of life that can turn your life into a legal living hell?”

•    How do you prepare for the passing of a life partner?
•    What can you do when the “in-laws” turn on you?
•    Who has the rights to your “stuff” if you haven’t said who gets what?
•    Do you really want to fight to prove you’re your partners medical decision maker?
•    What about Fido? Where does he go if you leave the human experience unexpectedly?

As sobering as all this may seem, we to often forget to think about the future in the right way, in the here and now. Instead we dream of building our businesses, finding true love, traveling the world…all great thoughts in their own right. Ironically, not a one of those thoughts does us any good if our future isn’t taken care of in the present moment. Now’s the time, now’s the place to step out, step up, and step into protecting yourself, your loved ones with some great insights around being legal in an LGBT world…and we’re not talking about being of age.

Eric A. Rudolph, Attorney at Law, Gay Man, and active resident of Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley, helps us look through a clear legal lens at specific challenges LGBT individuals face. Candid in approach, Eric will provide insights and pitfalls to avoid, for anyone of any age or station in life in the LGBT community. It’s time to let your inner Elle (Legally Blonde reference required) loose and find the protection that will serve you best.

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