Episode 020: The Messy Trifecta – Sexuality, Spirituality, & Religion!

Do you really have to choose between your God and your inner spirit? Some say yes, others say no. Then there are those who say, let’s see what happens if you try to make it work. But how?

In reality, sexuality, spirituality, and a relationship with your creator should be a personal journey. So how did we as a human race get so off track? Is it organized religions’ fault or is it misinterpretations of the Holy Bible that cause the strife between being truly who you are and staying in the good graces of your maker.

This week on The Coming Out Lounge were bringing back one of our favorite guests, Salavatore Sapienza, to help up understand at a deeper level, just what can this relationship between homosexuality and spirituality look like when it is deconstructed to it’s raw essence.

  • Can spirit and sexuality coexist?
  • Are the threats of damnation reality or fiction?
  • Do you argue your case or state it and leave it alone?

Thought provoking, controversial, and always on the forefront of any discussion around homosexuality, we will take the time this week to dig into how you can love your God and love yourself equally as an LGBT individual.

Salvatore Sapienza
Salvatore is the author of Gay is a GIFT and Seventy Times Seven, which was nominated for two Lambda Literary Awards, including Best Spirituality.

A former religious brother in the Catholic Church, Sapienza assisted in the formation of St. Francis AIDS Ministry under the guidance of Father Mychal Judge, the Saint of 9/11.  Sapienza’s latest book, Mychal’s Prayer, is an interfaith guide to the life and spirituality of Father Judge.

Sapienza has written feature stories for several newspapers and magazines across the country, and he has appeared locally on National Public Radio (NPR) and PBS.  He lives in Saugatuck, Michigan.

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