Episode 035: Mother & Son Journey To Being Your Transgender Truth, Part 1 – Jaden Handzlik

Born this way! Those three words are so much more than a Lady GaGa song. They’re the truth that each and everyone of us in the LGBT community say to ourselves, in our heads, day after day, until one day we just decide to come clean and let someone know, “I’m gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and I was simply just born this way. Such is the case of this very brave young man, Jaden Handzlik, who was one physically the little girl born to Kristie and Todd. A girl just like most other girls except for one thing, she didn’t identify, feel, or even relate to being a girl. The external shell was just a false facade hiding the truth of who he was, until a day in 2009 when everything came to a head and her world finally began to become his world.

Today’s show is part one of the beautiful, challenging, loving and heart-wrenching story shared by this mother and son duo – Kristie and Jaden – as they invite us into the truth of their life…a transgender man’s young life. Grab your tissues, open your minds and get ready for a truly inspiring 30 minutes of coming to truth with your beautiful self…the self that was hidden and simply needed to come out into being!

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