Episode 036: Mother & Son Journey To Being Your Transgender Truth – Part 2 – Kristie Handzlik

Oh my beautiful baby girl! No more loving words are ever uttered than when a mother see’s and holds her newborn baby gurl. Just ask Kristie Handzlik, she’ll tell you with a gleam and a tear in her eye…for more than one reason. In Kristie’s work, born this way brought on a whole new meaning when her daughter first declared she was gay! Being a pretty progressive Mom with an open mind, Kristie swallowed that pill as best as any parent could – not out of shame, simply out of a typical fear, “I hope my child will be safe.”

But what happens when the gay turns to, “I’m not really comfortable in my body!” There’s no weight loss, make up, or new clothes that are going to make the difference. Well maybe the new clothes part will, especially once you find out that your beautiful baby girl would be much more comfortable in just about every garment designed…JUST FOR MEN!

In today’s episode, we continue the dialogue started by Kristie’s transgender son as we explore the life of Motherhood and parenting when your daughter finally is free to manifest herself as himself, on the other side of the transgender closet doors!

About Kristie

Kristie Handzlik has been married for 24 years and is the proud mom of two boys. She is the President of PFLAG Temecula, co-founder of the Transformation Project and the owner of Kristie’s Scoping Services in Murrieta, CA. She has done several articles for the Press Enterprise regarding the LGBT community and is currently writing a book about her journey with her transgender child. She is a public speaker and an advocate. Her goals are to educate an ill-informed public about the LGBT community to eliminate any misconceptions and fears among society.

Show Highlights

  • Why Victoria’s Secret was one of the biggest heartaches of her life.
  • You don’t lose a child, you gain the real child they’ve always been
  • It’s not cool to ask transgenders these quesitons
  • Coming to terms with family members who just can’t get it
  • Tweetable: You don’t have to understand to love

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