Episode 069: Will Not Fear Coming Out – Will Schneider

What if you lived life profoundly. Stepped into life from a completely, surrendered mindful space to accomplish great things, experiencing new adventures, testing your limits and knowing that through your willingness to let go and jump-in, you’re going to be wiser, more authentic, and triumphant being the unique you that you were meant to be on this planet.

Today’s guest has done a lot of work in all of those areas. Work in his personal life that’s enable him to help others discover more of themselves and their potential by simply letting go and being.

He’s a certified Yoga teacher, public speaker, and someone who’s mastered the art of connecting with people…people from all walks of life. In fact, from the first moment I met this tall, lanky, handsome man, not only did I immediately develop a man crush on him, I realized we were going to connect heart-to-heart as brothers without our sexual orientation getting in the way. It’s all about letting go and surrendering to what can be, when you Will Not Fear!

Show Highlights

  • Learn how love finally woke him up
  • Take the FEAR and turn it into WILL
  • Discover how acting made up show up differently in life
  • It’s our own inner BULLSHIT that needs to be gotten rid of

Connect With Will

Will Schneider believes it’s important to live one’s life profoundly. Through the teachings of yoga and various mindfulness methods, Will loves helping his students understand the benefits in seeing themselves accomplishing great things, experiencing new adventures, testing limits and knowing that through their willingness to let go and jump-in, they’regoing to be at least wiser and at best, triumphant!!

Having lived in NYC for the last 12 years, Will is a full-time certified Yoga Teacher and public speaker. He is also the owner/founder of Zaanti Private Yoga, LLC  helping Corporations and practitioners of all levels discover more of themselves and their potential.

In 2014, Will and co-founder Zander Gladish opened “The Yoga Adventure” whose mission provides people from all over the world an opportunity to step away from their everyday grind, explore the “awe” of an exotic location, and have fun while exploring mindfulness.

Will’s own adventures have traveled him extensively throughout the United States, the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Central America and also thru Nigeria, into the Serengeti, and Mount Kilimanjaro. One of Will’s proudest achievements is funding and helping to graduate a young Tanzanian man from Arusha Teachers College (TZ)  who is now a Primary School Teacher in his own community.

Will loves to teach and hopes he has the opportunity to work with you someday.








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