Episode 070: The Epic Wellness of Being Gay & Being You! – Nicole Keating

What if you suddenly woke up one day having no fear, no filter, and you didn’t want to be around b.s., negativity, toxic people, or waste anymore time not living in your truth or not following your dreams.

Sounds pretty amazing doesn’t it?

But what if getting there required that you move half way across the country, meet the man of your dreams, and then find yourself forced into a transition, one that would require a deep seeded change in your life. A change that would bring on immeasurable pain, guilt, confusion, anger, and the feeling that no one understood you. Starting to sound familiar to your coming out process? Then image confronting the loss of your future, your past, and all that seemed to remain in the present was pain, loss of reality and broken dreams. Now you stand there in every sense of the word knowing the bottom just fell out of your life.

Just like many of you, my guest today, has had those feelings and gone through the darkness. But now, Nicole Keating, founder of The Art of Epic Wellness has found her way back to joy. She lives by the mantra that to the degree you have suffered is the degree you can feel joy, love and hope and she believes this to be true. She also knows that when we take responsibility for our own healing anything is possible!

Show Highlights

  • Discover how creativity is a healing path to living your truth
  • Learn how loss can help you let go and let live
  • Let the mirrors of others shine the bright light on who you’re meant to be
  • Understand why “double the money in half the time” became her life long mantra for living
  • Her favorite book just happens to create miracle mornings

Connect With Nicole

Nicole’s mission is to inspire you to create a life of physical, spiritual, and emotional vitality.  Let’s see the world together in technicolor, lets get rid of what dulls our experience here in this life! She’s sure that we all have infinite capacity to change, grow, and soar in this existence, in fact once you start down this path it will blow your mind that with a joyous seeking spirit the universe will open to you like a peony(my favorite flower) in full bloom.




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