Episode 072: He's Not Gay…But Bromance Is On His Mind! – Bob Schwenkler

Tall, strapping, soulful, and ready willing and able to help men open their hearts to their deepest purpose. But what happens, when suddenly, a new stirring shows up causing you to wonder what your purpose is as a man? A pebble in the shoe sort of moment where who you thought you were suddenly feels slightly different.

Damn. You know you’re straight and you love your gal, but what’s this fascination with men suddenly all about? Not going to spoil the details, but today we are going to take a different look at what happens when suddenly bromance begins to tickle your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and that deeper questioning of who you are as a man and a human.

Explore with me and my beautiful guest, Bob Schwenkler, the inner questioning that comes when your masculinity starts to wonder about what could be when you’re in admiration of another man, even though you know in your heart-of-hearts, and soul-of-souls, your a heterosexual man.

Show Highlights

  • His first sexual experiences never enlightened his journey until…
  • By action he’s pretty much a straight guy – what does that mean?
  • As he turned of parts of himself and his same sex attraction this happened
  • Learn what he discovered he got to be, beyond his same sex attraction
  • Tweet: Yes, we all need labels but we are all infinite possibilities beyond the labels

Connect With Bob

Bob Schwenkler is the creator of Advanced Sexual Stamina for Men and host of Sex the Podcast. As the Coach for High Achieving Sensitive Men, Bob helps men live with hearts wide open to fulfill their deepest purpose in work, sex, relationship, and life.

Together with his amazing girlfriend Natalie, he also helps men and women, singles and couples, have the best sex of their lives and experience playful, deeply connected relationships.





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