Episode 081: That's Entertainment – Gay in Hollywood – Frank Rogala

081_ShowImage_FrankRogalaThe conversation we’re going to have today is going to go all over the place, but the reason I’m going to allow this one to just free-flow and go wherever we want it to is because it’s about being creative and just being in the moment and seeing what happens. Frank Rogala is a lot like me, and found himself later in life. He’s extremely creative and he’s done a lot of cool stuff. He even at one point was in a band that wrote a take-off of Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”, called “Boys Just Want to Have Sex.” I thought this was EXACTLY the type of guy I want to have on The Coming Out Lounge. He’s his own person, making his way in the world….please welcome Frank Rogala…

Show Highlights

  • Imagine how hard it would be coming out with no role models?
  • Being authentic is what will life a huge weight off of you
  • Find out why others considered Frank “selfish”…
  • There are more closets in the entertainment industry than any of us know!
  • Find out why having a supportive wife made all the difference in his coming out journey

Connect with Frank Rogala

081_FrankRogala_the-road-to-remembering-080715-1200x520Frank Rogala is an award-winning vocalist and producer, and composer of cues for film and TV. He’s an internationally-recognized filmmaker and screenwriter having produced, written, mixed sounds and created soundtracks for music videos and films. He’s also a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist and operates a popular campground and golf course in Northern Michigan with his brothers.



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