Episode 093: She’s Straight and Got A Coming Out Story Too! – Michelle Owens

093_MichelleOwens_ShowImage_072716Nothing is off limits. Nothing. When you’re learning to step into your truth, embrace your gifts, question the status quo, and coming out of your own closets, nothing is ever off limits. And, I’m here to tell you that if you believe otherwise, you’re kidding yourself. In fact, I’d invite you to step into everything that is off limits and let it become your own stamp of approval for being exactly who you’re meant to be in this world. In fact, why don’t you just take those limits, embrace them, and let them be part of making your quirk work.

That’s exactly what what my guest today has done. Now before I share with you how she’s come out of her own closets, I’ve going to let you in on a little secret. She’s not a lesbian, I know she’s not into open relationships, and I’m pretty sure she’s not bi, so you might be wondering what the hell she’s doing on The Coming Out Lounge podcast. Well we’re an open and affirming podcast and we like to share stories of the closets that other people come out of. With that being said, Michelle is a Musician, voice over artist, entrepreneur, podcast creator, singer and award winning songwriter. She and her voice, because you can’t have her voice without her, have appeared on The Apprentice, CSI: Miami as well as with legendary bands such as The Door, AC/DC, YES, The Monkees, and Quiet Riot.

Show Highlights

  • How many of us are being “ghost writers” in our own lives?
  • Let go of what others think of you, if they don’t like it – GOODBYE!
  • We all have the courage (or balls as Michelle says!) to do this…
  • She came into her own when she accepted her experience & skills
  • It’s so important to show your vulnerability, and to have “grit”

 Connect with Michelle Owens 

MICHELLE ANN OWENS is an entrepreneur, podcast creator, host, voiceover artist, vocalist, songwriter. She has stamped her business, creative, and actual voice across multiple industries, including corporate business development and marketing, composing music for television, commercial advertising and the world of podcasting. Michelle is the owner of Ladyfox Entertainment, LLC and is the host and producer of Nothing Off Limits, launched June 2016 on iTunes.

Nothing Off Limits discusses the wild, random things you didn’t think you needed to know about, then realize you should! Michelle says, “It’s the cool shit your Momma never taught you!”. Using an interview-style format, she covers topics as diverse as health, wellness, society , culture, business, relationships and sex. Guests from all over the world include musicians, entrepreneurs, doctors, animal experts, authors, life coaches, alternative healers and more.

NOL’s mission is to introduce listeners to big ideas about self-care, self-development and having compassion for others. It’s designed with a lively, fun style with the intent to inform, educate and entertain.

Never satisfied with the status quo, Michelle says that she did not truly come into her own until she fully accepted her varied set of experience and skills. She believes that embracing her unique combination of business experience, music, VO work and ability to connect and engage with people from all walks of life is the real key to her personal success and happiness, and she encourages others to do the same. We are all here to share something special.

Her musical resume includes a variety of TV and live performances, with voice appearances on The Apprentice and CSI: Miami, and stage time with musical legends from bands such as The Doors, AC/DC, YES, The Monkees and Quiet Riot. Owens has also worked as a voiceover artist on projects for IBM, Cisco, 3M, Barbie Games, Hyundai, Lima-A- Rita and many more. She has earned an LA Music Award, showcased at SXSW and won a Billboard Songwriting award for her original music.

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