Episode 099: Planting Seeds of Love & Justice In A World Intent on Hurting The LGBTQ Community – Laila Ibrahim

LailaIbrahimWhy do we hurt? Hurt each other, when we are more alike than different. From Sandy Hook, Charleston, South Carolina, Orlando and Dallas, it seems we as humans are bent on hurt, hurt, hurting each other…simply because of our differences rather than embracing our similarities. It’s time to learn a new way of being with one another and getting along…even if it means as LGBTQ people that we make the first loving steps towards true peaceful integration. To help us learn to love across the differences is Laila Ibrahim, acclaimed author of the best-selling novel, Yellow Crocus and The seeds of Living Right.

Show Highlights

  • When she came out to her parents, they were sad for her
  • Hear why we really are at a true juncture in history
  • What is it to be a Unitarian Universalist, and how did they help this guest?
  • It is harmful when we don’t believe the police do their jobs equally for all of us
  • Find out how Laila is saving lives by demonstrating you can truly be who you are

Connect with Laila Ibrahim

The critically acclaimed novelist behind top 2014 bestseller Yellow Crocus, Laila Ibrahim tackles a subject directly out of the headlines in Living Right [Flaming Chalice Press, April 18, 2016]. An intimate story about a mother’s struggle to reconcile her religious beliefs with her son’s sexual orientation, Living Right strips away the politics of LGBTQ rights to reveal the life and death stakes in this ongoing conflict: family.

Best-selling author Laila Ibrahim is compelled to write stories about loving across the differences society tells us to fear or discount. As a wife and mother to young adults, Ibrahim knows the struggles parents face with growing and unexpected changes like sexual identity and faith.


















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