Episode 109: Truthtini – What Would You Do? – Rick Clemons

Coming Out Coach Rick Clemons

You’re hiding. The mask is on. You want to be more than what you are. Yet, the fears of the unknown and disappointing others, haunt you and keep you frozen in a life that isn’t serving you. Regardless of your coming our journey, it’s time to make a big, bold, move. So what do you do?

The answer is in the question. A question that will inspire you to explore your levels of curiosity, courage, confidence, and commitment to being who you are meant to be. But what is that question? That’s what we explore in this Truthtini episode of The Coming Out Lounge.

So here’s what’s in store for you in this episode…

  • The big question to help you break free from the chains that hold you hostage
  • Four strong pillars to guide you to living more authentically
  • Tips for taking a stand in the face of fear




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