Episode 111: The Other Side of The Story From a Heterosexual Spouse – Emily Reese, Part 2

110_ShowImage_EmilyReeseIn Episode 110 we began the journey with Emily Reese as she discovered her husband was gay. The heartache, confusion, and questioning that often comes when you realize you’re gay, is the same emotions a spouse feels when they uncover the truth about their husband or wife. Shock, hurt, and anger are the normal emotions that follow. It’s easy to feel victimized…as you should. And then, with time, and in most cases, you begin to heal. The pathway to healing is the subject of this second part of the interview with Emily as we learn how she began to find herself, and move forward in her life on the other side of the closet door. What you will learn is there is a pathway to healing, loving, and caring, if you choose to take care of yourself and allow yourself to grow in the face of pain and challenge.

Show Highlights

  • She was a strong person, yet a submissive wife
  • Finding her own voice, and setting boundaries, were big parts of her journey
  • Not one straight spouse out there has done everything perfectly!
  • What is “Rainbow Living”, and why is it so beautiful?
  • Hear how the day her ex-husband came out was actually the time she’s felt the closest to him

Connect with Emily Reese

Emily Reese is a parent of three teens, an English teacher to at-risk high school students and an advocate for straight spouses who had a husband or wife come out of the closet during a heteronormative marriage. Her blog, SameSides Support for Straight Spouses, encourages those who are on the other side of the closet to move forward, amicably if possible, and to allow for the unique processes that every relationship and experience has.

Emily is an Ally, a two time colon cancer survivor, and an advocate for young people. She also understands the complexities of Christianity and the Bible as it pertains to coming out and advocates for better understanding of the Mixed Orientation Marriage for the Church.

Emily, her ex-husband, Devon, and his husband have a blended Rainbow family, and live their lives transparently in the public to serve straight spouses and LGBTQ communities to help society improve so that healing can be possible for those who found themselves in Mixed Orientation Marriages.

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