Episode 114: Coming Out To Leave Your Church But Not Your Faith – Dr. Josh Packard

114_ShowImage_JoshPackardLet’s be honest. A majority of LGBTQ individuals find themselves at the crossroads of their faith and their sexuality. In fact, most of us, find that faith often condemns us to a life of living in sin…or at least that’s what most would have us believe. Yet, we still want to keep that connection with the higher power and often find ourselves doing so not in the pew, but in our own homes…our own way. Yet, even if we do find a church that is welcoming and embracing, why does it seem that there is a mass exodus from gathering together to celebrate divinity?

Helping us to dissect this question is Dr. Josh Packard. His new book Church Refugees takes a closer look at why millions of church members – regardless of sexual orientation – are falling into inactivity and skipping church altogether. His book uses in-depth sociological research to get to the heart of the issue by interviewing real people about why they are leaving and who they really are and why they have become the “dones” with church, but not their faith. An all too familiar stance that many LGBTQ individuals find themselves facing on a regular basis.

Show Highlights

  • What is becoming of those who are with church but not their faith?
  • You can’t really be in community if you’re worried about always being judged
  • Organizations, religious or not, have forgotten to connect people
  • This coming out journey is everyone’s journey. Hear why…
  • Questioning is part of our own exploration

Connect with Dr. Josh Packard

Josh Packard is a sociologist, professor and researcher at the University of Northern Colorado, where he is also the Executive Director of the Social Research Lab. He studies institutional participation in America and focuses on professional, religious and voluntary associations. Josh is a sought after speaker and trainer for corporate, religious and non-profit organizations. His research has appeared in numerous academic and trade publications, and he is the author, with Ashleigh Hope, of Church Refugees. Josh earned his B.A. in English from Texas Lutheran University in 2000 and his Ph.D. in Sociology from Vanderbilt University in 2008.







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