Episode 128: Home For The LGBTQ Holidays – Rick Clemons

Coming Out Coach Rick ClemonsIt’s inevitable. The holidays are here and there’s no escaping them. Well I guess you could if you choose to go into some altered state of some other reality, but for most of us that just isn’t possible. Now add to the holiday season the challenges of being LGBTQ, single, working in a job that doesn’t please the family…you know all that lovely holiday fodder that makes for roasting your chesnuts over the family fire and you’ve just become the main course for the buffet at the family gatherings.

Well let’s start some new traditions and  discover some new ways of being either at, or absent at the family holiday gathersings. It’s all up to you. Yes it is, and it’s all up to you how you choose to show up and react when the gay bombs, racist politics, defaming women’s rights or goodness forbid you’re 30 and still not married gasp get lobbed your way.

Here’s what’s instore for the LGBTQ screw you if you can’t accept me episode…

  • Simple tips for keeping your cool when in the holiday hotseat
  • Techniques for drawing boundaries
  • Common practices for not letting your buttons get pushed
  • Exercising the greatest leverage you have that is truly a present worth giving
  • Creating a two-way street of understanding to agree to disagree




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