Episode 133: Coming Out of Dark Lesbian Closets – Gabriella Meghan

132_headshot_gabriella_meghan_122316Imagine being lost, unable to fit in, constantly being bullied, and suffering anxiety and depression. For some of you this may be your life – in and out of the closet. Now imagine you find an escape hatch. One that leads you to a world where you believe your of like-minded people, only you discover a world that is harsh, chaotic and malicious: rampant with sex, addiction and mental illness. A world where love makes you believe to be loved you have to take on other people’s demons to be accepted.

Welcome to the world of AS TOLD BY US, the debut novel of author Gabriella Meghan where she writes a captivating story of romance and murder, set in a world not often explored in today’s literature. It’s a real world Meghan first discovered at 18-years old. “Like Layla, I was bullied through high school and was determined to reinvent myself,” she explains. “When I left home for college, I immersed myself into the local lesbian community and soon found myself completely turned on my head.”

Join Gabriella and I as we take a journey into another aspect of being on the other side of the closet doors. A journey that helps us all see, the first demons we have to conquer to be happy, regardless of our sexual orientation, are our own.

Show Highlights

  • The best place to start being happy is by conquering our own demons
  • We all go through these dark periods in our life but there is hope!
  • Abuse is a dirty little secret in the gay community
  • Remember, how we each choose to fight the war is what matters
  • Don’t forget to love yourself (and love yourself fully)

Connect with Gabriella Meghan

Gabriella Meghan is a graduate of Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY. At 16 years old, she was diagnosed with seasonal depression. As she got older, it turned into clinical depression and anxiety. These disorders would lead Meghan down paths of self-destruction for years; however, she credits them with being the creative breeding ground for her writing. “Every person fights a daily war within themselves. It’s how we choose to fight the war that matters,” she says. She has fought her disorders through writing and since 2010, has been regularly posting material on her poetry blog, “Life As We Know It”.

“My hope is that readers, especially those trapped in a toxic relationship, will take AS TOLD BY US  to heart and realize that life is about going through hell and back. It’s up to us to look at every mountain life throws our way as a challenge we can and will conquer.”

Gabriella Meghan is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Secondary Education.





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