Episode 135: Soulful, Out, Country Singer Who Foresaw A Trump Presidency – Kevin Thornton

135_headshot_kevinthorton_010417The United States and the world as we know it changed dramatically on November 8, 2016. November 9th, we woke up to a nightmare – a white, mostly male, republican party driven, misogynistic, xenophobic, homophobic, little boy’s throwing tantrums in the corner regime that for all intents and purposes has 50 Shades of Hitler, Racism, and White Privilege written all over it. And here we stand – unitedly un-united…at least from my perspective. So how could we have not seen this coming? That is the question that will linger in history for years to come. Yet, one country music artist, came to artistic terms with this possibility, well in advance of the bomb that dropped on the United States on November 8th!

Kevin Thornton, lead singer of Indiana Queen, foresaw a future that he didn’t want to see – a Trump oval office, as shared in one of his newest songs – “I Could Not See The Future.” For him, as an out and proud gay man in the country music scene, his latest album “Summon Without Sorrow” is a visceral journey that takes listeners to haunting places of truth and transparency that we as a nation are now exploring – regardless of sexual orientation. Raw, real, and invoking a primal call “get down on your knees and think,” Thornton’s lyrics and words as Indiana Queen take us to the soul center of human existence begging all of us to not only pay attention to his music and lyrics, but to also pay attention to what is happening in the world around us.

Show Highlights

  • People are ready to hear roots music from a gay perspective
  • The music business is a beast; it’s just really damn hard…
  • Don’t live a life that is dictated by fear!
  • Voting a certain way wont make #LGBT people disappear
  • Music fulfills the hell out of Kevin!

Connect with Kevin Thornton

If there’s something that’s clear, Indiana Queen’s founder and sole member Kevin Thornton is passionate about his work and has a razor sharp vision. His latest piece is titled “Summon Without Sorrow” and is a visceral journey into music through the artist’s eyes. Being queer in the world of country might make him seem like a fish out of water, but rather he’s a shark that eats the fish as he grabs folk music by its balls. The end result is a beautiful string of videos that interrelate to tell a singular story of pride, love, and acceptance.

With sample lyrics like “well-endowed angels descend, the weight of their cocks are sinking them to the earth,” one might think his target audience is strictly for the LGBTQ+ community. Instead, his delivery subdues any of the visual extremism and makes it highly enjoyable for everyone, regardless of their sexual preference. He weaves together homo eroticism, spiritual references, modern dancing, and traditional straightforward singing to the camera. It all creates a dream with a strong message that fits perfectly with his silky voice and tender lyrics.


Listen To “I Could Not See The Future”

Watch Music Video “Nashville Don’t Give A Damn”

Film “Don’t Give Up On Me: A Film About Indiana Queen”

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