Episode 144: Uncloseted Riffs and Rants: React vs. Respond – Rick Clemons

Coming Out Coach Rick Clemons

I’m airing my dirty laundry so to speak. This happened because I realized I’m kind of a reaction junkie. Yes, I think I’m a little bit addicted to reacting versus responding. Although, both serve great purposes in our lives, when used incorrectly, reactions speak louder than words and f*ck up our words as well.

Today I explore the difference between the two words and offer up three tips for telling reactions to f*ck off and die…in a nice way…if there is a nice way to say it even if you are using the word f*ck.

What you’ll discover today…

  • The trigger that caused the react vs. respond debate
  • True confessions of a life coach
  • 3 simple yet bold steps to take to stop reacing




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