Episode 148: Uncloseted Riffs and Rants: You're The Master Thought Puppeteer – Rick Clemons

Coming Out Coach Rick ClemonsYou’ve probably heard the phrase, “You are not your thoughts!” Or maybe, you heard, “You are what you think!” Both are correct, but it is hard for us to wrap our head around that concept. With over 70,000 thoughts rushing through our heads, any given day, how can we not be our thoughts?

Today we explore how thoughts closet us and keep is from breaking free to do the things that we are meant to do in life. From simple things to bold things, our thoughts can be our best friend or our worst enemy. However, the real beauty is when you discover and never forget that you are the master of your thoughts, they are not the master of you.

What you’ll discover today…

  • 3 Ways I’ve learned to master my thoughts.
  • One of my favorite books that helped me learn to slay the dragons of my thoughts
  • Couple of little tricks I use stay out of my thoughts and into the present




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