Episode 155: How To Be Confident In Who You Are – Lina Bradford

155_ShowImage_LinaBradford_031517Coming out is about bringing all sides of yourself to the role you’ve been placed on this earth to play. It’s also about being optimistic and carefree with a purpose. It’s about being you, the real you, 24/7 even if that means being a goofball and asking yourselves and others the questions, no one else will ask. But what does it take to get that comfortable in your own skin.

Live from In The Dollhouse With Lina, we’re talking to Lina Bradford. She’s a sassy, fun, YouTube show host who’s going to crack you up, probably steal my thunder, and make you think about not being so serious all the time about your life, except when it matters. This trans woman does not let labels define her and she’s going to share her brilliance and share her take on life with you today as we enter into the Dollhouse and Coming Out Lounge to go where we may have never gone before. Tune in to see what happens.

Show Highlights

  • Growing up, she was just comfortable in her own skin!
  • How can you turn down the “white noise” and be more present with others (and yourself)?
  • We all have an internal caller ID that we need to listen to….
  • There’s a rainbow happening, and no one is excluded
  • We are stronger in numbers when we speak and do together!

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