Episode 183: A New Perspective On “What Everyone Will Know!” – Maggie Kneip

183_ShowImage_MaggieKnelp_062117It’s the eighties in New York City. It’s the blind date of a girl’s dream, a fairy-tale courtship, a magical wedding in a Chelsea loft.

Maggie and John set up house in sleek condo in hip Hoboken. John’s a journalist on the rise and they have a beautiful baby, with another one on the way. In a flash, happiness is exchanged for devastating betrayal. For the next 25 years, Maggie keeps the circumstances of her husband’s death a secret. It is only when a journey of self-discovery aligns with her children’s coming of age and a new world of sexual tolerance that she can finally embrace the truth and set herself free.

But free from what you ask? Tune in and hear the truth that set Maggie Kneip free to share her story, her way, to heal her world and the world at large!

Show Highlights

  • The path for the straight spouse and the person coming out is so very similar…
  • Nobody has a right to tell you “it’s time to get over it”!
  • Her husband’s desire for her as well as men was tough to accept
  • The straight spouse’s voice gets lost more often than it
  • AIDS was hiding in a closet that this guest didn’t even know existed in her life

Connect with Maggie Kneip

Maggie Kneip is a veteran of the publishing industry, with a career spanning two decades in publicity and marketing at Bertelsmann and Scholastic Inc.

Known for her out-of-the-box events and spectacular multi-media campaigns – including a global reading initiative that earned Scholastic’s corporate marketing award, Maggie has regularly amplified the stories of girls and women.

With noted psychologist Dr. Dale Atkins, (www.drdaleatkins.com), she has appeared on NBC’s Today Show and at libraries, businesses, non-profits, religious and civic organizations. She meets regularly with book clubs nationwide to talk about Now Everyone Will Know and the challenging issue of secrets in our lives.

Maggie has also performed as a singer at Manhattan’s Laurie Beechman Theatre and the Metropolitan Room. She is the mother of two grown children, and lives in Connecticut.





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