596: Joe Makston – Learning to live beyond a half life!

Life is a circus, a carnival, and sometimes it is simply the place you run away from because you realize, living a half-life just isn’t worth it. Author, dad, business professional, recovering person of faith, who came into his truth during the COVID-19 pandemic and in his own way ran away from the circus that had become his life to live his truth as a gay man. He shares his story and his new memoir Creosote Rain about running away to live your full life.

About Joe

Joe Makston is a seasoned professional with over twenty years of experience in the banking industry. He then entered the technology space to lead learning & development and employee experience centers of excellence. However, it is his passion for leadership development that truly sets him apart. Joe has dedicated himself to nurturing and empowering individuals to reach their full potential, believing in the transformative power of leading self, leading others and leading together.

In addition to his career, Joe has been a podcaster, TEDx speaker, and is an accomplished author. He co-wrote a book titled “Tummy Tales: Questions with My Dad” alongside Mars, capturing the heartwarming bond between a father and child. Joe continues to share his own personal story and encourages others to share theirs, recognizing the power of vulnerability and the building of genuine connections. His passion for storytelling serves as a catalyst for authentic communities where individuals feel seen, heard, and supported.

Joe resides in North Central Phoenix, with his kids and two dogs, Olive and Scout. He enjoyed running and mountain biking on the vast trails in the Phoenix area.

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