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249: Boldly Tapping Your Namasgay – Frank Macri

What is spirituality? How do you tap it? Is it religion? Ironically, these are all questions that, only you can answer for you. And that’s where it can get confusing, exciting, become an adventure, and also be a challenge. Now add to the mix that you are LGBTQ and you just might find a whole new level of questions and discoveries as you delve into what does it mean to be a queer spiritual being.

Frank Macri, repeat offender (not really, but he is a repeat guest), steps out of the closet with his newest adventure – Namasgay – a movement, a community, a gathering, and a summit. He’s bringing a whole new slant to the discussion, “What does it mean to be LGBTQ and Spiritual.” From novice explorers to well versed practitioners of spirituality, Namasgay is a community of spiritually-minded LGBTQ individuals seeking deeper connection to themselves and others. Today we scratch the surface and go deep into the fun, fabulous, and deeply intimate world of spirituality, your way as a member of the LGBTQ community.

Show Highlights

* Frank shares a way to inspire mindfulness & positivity in our community
* Find out why we need to be so careful what we wish for
* Discover why just fitting in won’t give you a true sense of belonging
* Feel like you have to wear a mask? You’re not alone!
* Spirituality doesn’t have to be difficult – Frank explains…

Connect with Frank Macri

Frank Macri, PCC, CPC, ELI-MP is a recognized trainer, educator and international speaker. Frank partners with forward-thinking organizations and universities seeking to learn transformational and fun approaches to communication and leadership. Frank has trained over 1,000 high-performing individuals looking to become expert coaches, thriving business owners and influential leaders in their organizations and communities

Namasgay Website

Discount Code For Namasgay Registration – RICK

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