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387: How Far We’ve Come. Straight to Gay, & Coming Out – Anne-Marie Zanzal

He’s almost 20 years into his coming out journey, she’s little over 3. They’ve both found love, gone through the tough stuff, and have managed to thrive and survive. Your host Rick Clemons, coming out coach, and his friend Anne-Marie Zanzal, Compassionate Bereavement Provider, take you on a journey, during this Pride month, of where they’ve gone post coming out of the closet and a few of the Aha’s they’ve had.
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About Anne-Marie

Anne-Marie Zanzal is a graduate of Yale Divinity School and an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ – a progressive denomination and she is a certified Compassionate Bereavement Provider with the MissFoundation.  She provides emotional and spiritual support for women who are in transition through the loss of a spouse/partner/significant other, divorce and coming out later in life.  You can connect with her at

She has created Vida Nova, in a strategic alliance with other like-minded women.  Vida Nova is a company that seeks to empower women to recognize their own gifts and talents.  Join the Vida Nova Facebook Group to gather with other women who have experienced transition in their lives.  Vida Nova believes that times of transition are fertile ground to unearth our true purpose.

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