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368: Making Bold Moves to Embrace Our Differences – Craig Pomranz

All of us, in some way, shape, or form in our lives have been perceived as different. Yet, nothing is more painful to a child than to be perceived as weird because of their differences, only to be teased, and isolated simply for being who they are in their own unique way.

Imagine for instance, if you were a little boy who likes to knit and sew. You suddenly find yourself the joke of the class until through a strange turn of events you become the hero of your class, even with your differences exposed.

Author Craig Pomranz brings to life this true-life incident in his book Made By Raffi. Chosen by Merge For Equality as their first children’s book campaign, Made By Raffi has been published in 8 languages and 11 countries. Craig wrote the book to support young boys and girls who are perceived as “different” because of their appearance or hobbies. This is a funny colorful book with a serious message and will interest those who care about making the bold move of promoting diversity and embracing our differences, as well as all children seeking to fit in.

Today we (UN)Closet the beauty of being your bold self, no matter the circumstances.

About Craig

Craig is an internationally known singer/song-stylist, actor and author.  His first children’s book Made By Raffi is published in 8 languages and 11 countries to date by UK publishers Quarto and their imprint, Frances Lincoln. Made by Raffi can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and all book retailer sites.
Inspired by Made by Raffi composers Amanda McBroom (Bette Midler’s award-winning song “The Rose”) and Michele Brourman (The Land Before Time series) have written the song “Different”.   You can find it on youtube and of course Craig’s youtube channel.
His popular CDs “More Than A Seasonal Thing” and “My Heart Don’t Skip A Beat” are heard on radio stations around the world and available on iTunes, CDBaby and his website

Originally from St. Louis, MO Craig got his professional start at age 12 performing at The MUNY (the largest outdoor theater in the country).  Craig attended Carnegie-Mellon and The Goodman Theatre – The Art Institute of Chicago.
Craig lives in New York City and travels the world performing in nightclubs and theatres.

Among his awards are New York’s MAC Award for Best Male Vocalist and the TOR Award for best actor in a musical venue.

He is busy working on his next series of books hoping to empower children.

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