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348: Permission to Be Your Own Gay Man – Enrique Panameno

Who are you? One of the biggest questions we can ask ourselves, but it is an especially big question for gay men who often find themselves caught up in the world of material goods, great bodies, and always looking to impress so that they can be accepted. But what would happen if you gave yourself permission, true permission to be yourself without caring what others thought. Big challenge, but well worth it. So how do you give yourself that permission?

Today I’m joined by a fellow coach, who focuses on the LGBTQ community to help kick off the New Year with a focus on permission to be yourself. Enrique Panameno, joins us from down under and shares his insights, tips, and sound advice for giving yourself PERMISSION to be the gay man (or person) that you are meant to be.

Show Highlights

* Discover the best focus for getting in touch with yourself
* As yourself this one question
* To many people suffer from or act on – automatic disqualification
* The most important thing to do in order to belong is this
* You need this one thing when you fear being yourself

About Enrique

Enrique is a positive psychology coach who works with the outlanders, the eccentrics, and the odd ones to help them harness who they are and lead more authentic and meaningful lives. He’s particularly passionate about the LGBTQ+ community. In the corporate space, Enrique develops and facilitates leadership and coaching programs for large organisations, as well as one on one coaching for leaders.

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