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Episode 007: Mind Games We Play About Being Gay! – Guest: Trent Blanchard

Regardless of whether we hear it from someone else or buy into to our own “monkey mind” scripts, there’s a plethora of “Un-Truths” that we to weave into our belief systems as we venture out of the closet, or through any huge life transformation for that matter!

However, once we understand that “we are not our thoughts,” then the spell gets broken and the doors of authentic truth open graciously for us to step into the powerful purpose of being truly who we are.

Helping to unlock the misconceptions, assumptions, interpretations, and limiting beliefs that we so easily invite into our lives is Trent Blanchard – author of “Triple A’s For The Soul: Your Pathway To Personal Freedom,” executive/life coach, and spiritual teacher. Drawing from his own personal experiences as a gay man, ordained minister, and certified addiction counselor, Trent brings a unique perspective to the conversation…”Just what do we buy into in life that isn’t necessarily so?”

•    Why do we allow assumptions to prevail before we find the truth?
•    What could be different in our interactions with others if we didn’t mis-interpret what they say?
•    How can we “un-limit” our beliefs for greater levels of acceptance and self-love?

These, and many other questions will be addressed as we take a candid and fun look at the games we play with ourselves as we navigate the “coming out” road. Additionally, we’ll confront the gremlins we create head on, that make us feel safe, yet truly cause us more insecurity than standing naked in Times Square.

Assumptions, interpretations, limiting beliefs, and gremlins be gone…or at least we’ll do the best we can in an hour!

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