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Episode 024: Gay Men & The New Way Forward – Raymond Rigoglioso

Gay men are a gift! Not just to other gay men, but to the world at large.
Sound crazy? It’s not. All of us as human beings are gifts to the world in our own unique way, and gay men are no different. Yet, there’s something special that gay men possess that often makes the world stand up and take notice…and it’s not just their “scandalous sexual practices!”

In his groundbreaking book, Gay Men and The New Way Forward, Raymond Rigoglioso, identifies 14 unique gifts that gay men bring to the world. Wrapped in The Foundational Gift of Masculine-Feminine Intelligence, Rigoglioso, outlines three intertwined circles of power that gay men uniquely contribute to the world:

* Serving and healing
* Reinventing Manhood
* Freeing and Enriching the Human Spirit

During this weeks podcast we’re going to explore the 14 gifts that gay men contribute to the world, as well as the Seven Agreements that will strengthen our commitment to one another in our community.

Show Highlights:

* Tweetable: Things are different, not good or bad, just different.
* Sexual orientation and social orientation go hand in hand.
* Tweetable: Desire to forgive is in direct proportion to how prevalent the grudge that is carried
* Coming out set’s off a million transformations

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