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Episode 046: How To Stop Feeling Like A Gay Fish Out Of Water – Perry Gladstone

You could go through life, holding breath, waiting for that just right moment to come out of the closet, or you could take a deep breath and step into your freedom starting today as a gay person!

That’s exactly why I’ve brought Freedom Fighter and recovering entrepreneur Perry Gladstone to the Coming Out Lounge Today. Fresh in his new role as proud Papa (to a new puppy), Perry’s taken the leap of faith and cut himself loose in his own brand of freedom, doing the things that make him feel free in himself and his life.

You’re in for a unique ride as we take a deep breath (Perry’s a world record holder at holding his breath), dive into the gap between freedom and security, and find ourselves coming up with ways to enrich our journey out of the closet, instead of feeling like a fish out of water!

Show Highlights

* Discover the one thing that Brian Swimme observed about his daughters that we all can benefit from
* Perry give’s two tips for learning to love ourselves
* Different dresses, different dresses, different dresses…how we can all benefit from wearing different dresses
* Uncover the two most common things that keep people from feeling free
* Take a cooking lesson from Perry that you can take to the bank

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