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Episode 195: Love Lives Without Judgment – Raph Solo

It’s time to declare that you have the right to love without judgment! Yes you do. No matter your desires – gay, lesbian, bi, poly – love is love and it is the summer of love once again.

This summer we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the summer of love. A time in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco where people were called to “turn on, tune in, and drop out.” This movement was based in rebellion and consciousness. Now here we are today, with almost the same vibe pulsating in the world today. The call being “Just love, love, love, without judgment.”

UK singer songwriter Raph Solo gets us into the 2017 Summer of Love with his new single, “Love Lives.” The single invites all of us to embrace ourselves, with self-respect and acceptance to be who we are. Raph joins us in the Coming Out Lounge to share his journey coming and drops some awesome value bombs filled with love.

Show Highlights

* Coming out – it is a gift you owe yourself
* Everyday it is struggle but every day is a victorious day as well for this guest
* Love is not fear; be brave enough to embrace what’s not perfect about you
* It is not our job to judge which category people fit into!
* See what happens when you choose to see the good in others…

Connect with Raph Solo

Born to Lebanese/Chilean parents on the Gulf of Guinea in Nigeria, West Africa, Raph Solo is a singer, songwriter and music producer.  He has released three full-length albums, including last summer’s THE ANONYMOUS ICON, featuring “Star” and “Good Morning London”.

Today, he is a proud gay man in a loving relationship — with an English man from the East Midlands who shares his core values and beliefs — but it wasn’t always that way.  Just a few years ago, he fought his feelings for men and even underwent reparative therapy in an attempt to cure himself of his homosexuality.  In the end, it was even more damaging to Solo and his self-esteem.   “It made me feel like a failure because no matter how hard I tried, I could not change my feelings.”

Along with the release of “Love Lives,” Solo is unveiling a brand new music video that shows a different side to the artist.   “I dance a lot in this one!  It’s all very tongue-and cheek compared to my previous story-based, cinematic music videos. I hope fans like the choreography and chutzpah.”

In the meantime, Raph Solo is putting the finishing touches on his next full-length album.  “I had hoped to get it out this year but it’s not going to be ready in time,” he explains.  “I don’t believe in rushing things.  It’s a new sound for me so it’s taking a little more time to master but I have faith that the final product will be worth the wait.”
Raph Solo’s “Love Lives” is being released globally through Angel King Musique and is available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon as well all other online retail outlets. Its music video is available on YouTube.



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