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289: Living The Uncloseted Life – The Self-Taught Road. – Kieran McKeefery

Go to college. Get a degree. Get a job. Get married. Yada, yada, yada. That’s what we’re supposed to do. Or at least that’s what most people are told they are supposed to do to be successful. Oh and let’s not forget to keep the steady paying job, even if it’s killing you…or at least killing your passions.

Too often, we go the direction that everyone else says to go, yet if it’s not a fit, we find it’s actually worse for us. From a very young age, today’s guest – Kieran McKeefery – discovered going the direction that everyone else does, isn’t necessarily the one size fits all approach for life. From escaping academia to leaving a steady income, he discovered, that living the life uncloseted truly means, living life on your terms. This is his life uncloseted story.

Show Highlights

* He learned to admit this one thing early on about himself and it helped him suceeed
* From a pit village to CTO. If he can do this, what can you do?
* Listen to his interesting perspective on school speed. It totally makes sense
* This one conversation with his future wife changed everything
* Quote: Don’t be a sheep but do follow your gut instinct

About Kieran

Kieran McKeefery is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer for Podcast Websites. Kieran is an avid developer who is passionate about building a platform for podcasters to succeed. In his spare time, he’s usually at the football (soccer) watching his magnificent team Sheffield Wednesday lose.

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