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320: The Other Side of Saved – Nate Postlethwait

This story isn’t new. It’s been told many, many, many times. But it needs to be told again. There’s no better time than the present and on National Coming Out Day to tell the story that is the truth. That truth is that bad therapy, mixed with religion at it’s worst, combined with sexual trauma and mental anguish, does not take the gay away. I repeat, does not take the gay away. It never has, and it never will.

Bravely coming forward in his own words, boldly going forth in his calling and purpose, Nat Postlethwait shares his story, a story of The Other Side of Saved. As a victim of trauma at the hands strict religion and therapy he has survived and is now sharing his story and journey with his blog and podcast in order to heal and find his joy in a Life (UN)Closeted.

Show Highlights

* Find out how this formula for Salvation did more damage than good in his life
* He cried out for his mind, body, and soul to experience freedom every time he experienced this. What was it?
* Quote: Homosexuality is a scapegoat for the Evangelical community. Why?
* The truth about 20 years of Conversion Therapy made him feel this emotion
* What does he mean by Fake Breathes?

About Nate

The Other Side of Saved is a blog & podcast about healing from trauma and re-claiming joy. Nate Postlethwait grew up in the Bible belt. Bad therapy mixed with addictive religion hijacked his ability to address the traumatic experiences of his early life. His story is one of sexual abuse and addiction, strict religion, great career success, depression, finding his identity, coming out as gay, and discovering the healing that can come in the wake of such pain. For years, his grief was overwhelming. And, for the first time, he feels exceptionally at peace from the inside out, and has never felt safer in the hands of God. Nate shares his story one podcast at a time, with the intention of helping others who may find themselves in similar circumstances.

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  1. Stan on 10/22/2018 at 2:09 PM

    Again, a touching podcast.

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