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396.1: Bonus Episode: Think Before You Assume – Rick Clemons

Life (Un)Closeted podcast

We all assume and too often that makes an ass of ourselves. When we assume to know why someone does what they do, it creates a false sense of security, of superiority, and sometimes it at least seems to heal the wounds.

This is short episode that brings something very close to my heart to the forefront. It’s about what people assume are the reasons that guys and gals like me, did what they did. Got married and then came out of the closet. Too often these assumptions are unfounded instead of looking at how society views the LGBTQ community and makes us feel like 2nd class citizens.

Take a listen, put yourself in our shoes, and then ask, ” If I was in their shoes, would I really be able to have come out given the circumstances of the world.” All you have to do is watch what is going in the world and in the United States around LGBTQ rights and then ask yourself, ” Could I do it? Could I be me against all odds?” It’s not as cut and dried as some people think, like the cowardly reviewer who left the following review about Life (UN)Closeted without having done the research before making the assumption that I have done numerous shows about the people who get hurt when a spouse comes out of the closet.

The Podcast Review…

“While searching for information on Straight Spouses, I found this. While it’s great to come out, I think you should also cover the topic of the people they hurt when they do come out if they are married. This is a growing trend and there are a lot of people whose lives are destroyed because of this.”

My Hope…

I trust this person is finding the healing they need to realize, they’ve been hurt and they too can heal, just like every LGBTQ person has been hurt and can be healed.
If you’re struggling to be yourself…

Take the time and visit my Coming Out Coaching Page and see if it might be a fit for you, and time for you to quit hiding and live your truth.

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