046: Becoming A Midlife Entrepreneur – Erick Rheam

You done a lot of things in your life. Military, been a DJ, worked in corporate America, husband, father, and then that tickle begins. You’re being called to step out of the comfort zone and do what you are called to do – be an entrepreneur in your own right. But you have to much invested – security, health insurance, knowing what to expect. It’s really tempting to go do your own thing – live as an entrepreneur, but man the risk, the fears, the uncertainty are holding you hostage, but the grip isn’t quite enough to keep you from taking that leap of faith.

My colleague Erick Rheam and I met through Grant Baldwin’s Booked and Paid to Speak program, couple of years into being part of the community, low and behold we end up working as teammates in the program as part of our side hustles of life, and we both are guys 40+ who have taken the leaps of faith to be our own bosses, no safety net per se except ourselves and our ability to stay focused and on track as an entrepreneur.

What does it take to leap in midlife into this world of entrepreneurship and self-employment? That’s what we are exploring today. If you’re considering this leap as a guy over 40, this podcast is for you.