066: 6 Steps for committing to show up fully in crisis – Rick Clemons

We all know where we are right now as a planet. In the midst of a global pandemic – COVID19. But, what is that calling us to do? What are we men being asked to commit to during this crisis? For each of us it varies, but in our own way we are being called to simply SHOW UP…even if it is scary, confusing, and a little bit overwhelming.

Using techniques from my own coming out journey and practices that I have found to help clients stay committed, I’m offering you 6 Steps For Committing To Show Up Fully In Crisis!

Hey Guys, Check This Out!

Are you a guy who keeps struggling to do that thing? You know the thing you keep telling yourself and others you’re going to do, but never do? Then it’s time to get real and figure out why.

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Break free of fears. Make bold moves. Live life without apologies

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