126: It’s Fat Loss Not Weight Loss For The Gay Man – Jack Kunkel

Give me those abs, pecs, guns to hang on and that bubble butt to salivate over. Sound like a pipe dream? Or is it more of a nightmare because you just can’t lose weight? Diet, diet, diet. Workout, workout, workout. Yet nothing works and it gets worse as you get older. Well, what if it wasn’t that hard and it was more about losing the fat than losing the weight? Dr. Jack Kunkel, swears it’s more about fat loss than weight loss, and that’s why I decided to ask this straight-handsome hunk (sorry boys, he’s not gay) to join us to talk about that pursuit of sexy body, or even a healthier bod by following the principles of his book “It’s Fat Loss Not Weight Loss!” Now stop salivating over his picture and take a listen.

About Jack

Dr. Jack, is an Alternative Medical Doctor who provides custom and effective solutions for your body and mind by using a three-step strategic approach based on key pillars such as nutrition, exercise, and herbs & whole food supplements.

It all started long ago, out of his lifelong passion for wellness and helping everyone around him lead a healthier lifestyle. He knows how to get there because he also struggled. If he can go from a skinny-fat, broken-brained kid to an author, pro-drug-free bodybuilder, motivational speaker, and Doctor, he knows you can do it as well!

Sure, his practice is about health and wellness. But, still, he believes there’s another dimension to it with unlimited potential. That is the capability to deliver a message of empowerment that shows everyone that they can live a better life if only they put their hearts and minds into it.

He aims to inspire his clients to gain courage and motivates them to chase a better and healthier future to be who they are meant to be and do what they are meant to do.

His drive and dedication were the fuel that got this dream started. Every single day he strives to put his best effort on the table, working shoulder to shoulder with his valued patients: to help them meet their own nutritional needs, fitness goals and find confidence in themselves, improving their lifestyle and habits, one day at a time.

Join him on this quest today! and learn more about the solutions he can deliver to simplify your lifestyle.

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