131: Getting Over Your Money BS – Martin Cowart

Money, money, money. Never enough, always wanting more, and being judged for having to much or too little, and we haven’t even started on the vicious judgements from other gay men if you don’t have money, money, money. So what’s a guy to do? Hookup with money in a powerful way, and dump the rest of that trash talking money gremlin that is eating you alive. Today we’re exploring money, the truth about it and the how to make the heart space for it in our lives as gay men with Martin Cowart, founder of Financial Heart Space LLC and the host of Speak’n The Truth About Money with Martin Cowart and Joy the Wise Woman. So dump your excuses and get ready to come to terms with your bitchy money divas and embrace abundance.

About Martin

Martin Cowart is a spiritual teacher, prosperity and mindset coach, podcast host, and speaker on a mission to eradicate the scarcity mindset from our planet.

In 2018, Martin founded Financial Heart Space, LLC to teach and coach gay, transgender and bisexual business leaders how to achieve higher levels of success and make more money by learning to love and accept themselves for being exactly who they are; powerful, loving, creative GBTQ men.

Martin developed The Heart Space coaching process to create breakthroughs and transformational results quicker, combining 20 years of mastering shadow work, facilitation skills as a volunteer leader with The ManKind Project, 40+ years of contemplative practice, and a lifetime student of spiritual wisdom and more effectively than other transformational programs.

Martin is the host of the podcast and weekly live broadcast on LinkedIn and Facebook; Speak’n The Truth About Money with Martin Cowart and Joy the Wise Woman. Joy the Wise Woman is the name of Martin’s Divine Self, the mystery of life living in heart space. The show is a thirty-minute conversation to examine our negative thinking about money, let go of the false narrative of the scarcity mindset, and share stories of courage to speak the truth about money.

Martin has enjoyed various lucrative professional positions. He worked as a CPA, mortgage-backed securities trader (Deutsche Bank), financial planner, investment advisor, wealth manager (Guardian Life, MetLife, and MassMutual), and restaurant owner (Basset Café). However, the job he found most fulfilling had no financial trophies. He had the honor to serve as a member of the leadership team at St. Paul’s Chapel for nine months after the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center.

He discovered we find true happiness in serving others.

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