134: Date Smarter. Sexier – Andrea LaRosa

If your dating expectations constantly leave you disappointed, and the only compatibility you can find is hooking up on Scruff or Grindr, it’s time for you to do some introspection and turn your dating habits around. Start connecting with compatibility, connection, and getting up-close and personal and get off the apps. Ok, keep the apps for the occasional, let’s just get naked moments, but let your hormone sharing do the work for you by meeting in person, now that we can again, and start dating with intention. This is what is in store for you today as I invite my friend, neighbor, and dating coach Andrea LaRosa into our 40 Plus: Gay Man, Gay Talk world for a feminine point of view as to what gay guys can do better in their dating life.

About Andrea

Leaving behind her dedicated career as a filmmaker, Andrea decided to pursue a new career as a life coach. After years of living abroad, she decided to move to Central California to begin her journey to help others.

She certified as a life coach, relationship coach, and as a master practitioner in NLP. Andrea began her career by hosting local singles events, such as speed dating and lock and key parties. Upon realizing she had a true passion for matchmaking, she turned her coaching focus to all matters of love. Now she coaches for dating, relationships, and breakups, as well as continuing to host singles events and group coaching seminars.

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