146: Self-Awareness – The Gay Man’s Key To LIfe’s Big Ticket Questions – Ed WIlson

As a gay man do you find yourself constantly looking for answers, and then getting frustrated because they aren’t right there in front of you? What if they are but you just simply haven’t dug deep within yourself enough to find them? Take a little journey with fellow Life Coach – Ed Wilson – as we explore what might happen if the dig deeper pursuit was as important as the get laid pursuit!

About Ed

Ed is a 32 year-old, gay male, Australian, life coach, born in Perth to English migrants, living in Sydney, partnered for 8 years, and is one year into his professional coaching life and creator of Brown Bear Coaching. He focuses on self-transformation through awareness, acceptance and surrendering to your truest and deepest self as the guide and your answers to the big ticket questions in your life.

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