155 – There is Gay Life Beyond Prostate Cancer – Kenneth A. Johnson

OMG. My penis no longer works, and my prostate no longer feels pleasure. My life is over! That may be the way it seems, but does having and living with prostate cancer mean, your life is over as a gay man? No! Just ask today’s guest, Kenneth A. Johnson. He’s living his life to its fullest, owning his challenges with his prostate and sex life, and thriving beyond what would cause most gay men to say, “Screw it. No more sex for me!” This is his awe inspiring story and advice.

About Kenneth

Kenneth is first and foremost the son and only child of Alvin and Nautherine Johnson. Born in Baltimore and raised in Reisterstown, MD, he currently resides in Washington, DC, after living 23 years in Atlanta. Kenneth has worked professionally as an analyst with the federal government for over 34 years. His personal life has included volunteer work with a host of non-profits including the Atlanta Pride Committee, Black and White Men Together of Atlanta, Friends of the Library, and Atlanta neighborhood-based organizations.

Since living in DC, Kenneth helped birth and currently leads a support group for gay men with prostate cancer as a positive consequence of his own 5-year health adventure. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2016.

For fun, Kenneth enjoys time and roadtrips with his parents (frequently to the family homestead in rural Alabama), reading his bookclub’s monthly selection, and binging on Hallmark movies during the holidays. Kenneth tries to live by his personal motto, “Be kind! Be intentional!” and his tattoo collection includes the biblical verses that guide his life: 1 Corinthians 13:13 and Philippians 4:13.

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