161: Skin Care, Plastics, And All That Anti-Aging Jazz – J. Shea Terry

Like it or not, all of us gay men are aging. It’s a conveyor belt and there is nothing we can do about it. Nor should we feel pressure to do something about it. Yet, some gay men do choose cosmetic surgery and skin care regimes to make themselves feel comfortable in their aging bodies. Then others do what they do to ensure they take the best care of their bodies in a way that suits them.

Rather than be judgy about men who choose skin care, botox, and cosmetic surgeries, listen and learn and you just might be surprised what you might be able to do to be more comfortable in your own skin, without being a cosmetic surgery horror story.

About J. Shea Terry

J. Shea Terry is a Practice Integration and Development specialist in the medical industry who knows a thing or two about taking good care of yourself and making you feel good about how you look, without going to the extremes in the world of cosmetic surgery. From skin care to botox and natural approach cosmetic surgery, J. Shea Terry guides clients in the best possible approaches for making the most of what they have to work with to love who they are in the conveyor belt of aging.

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