174: Gay Dad, Jocks, and Athletics: Oh MY! – Bradley Jacobs

A sports-phobic single gay dad faces his longtime insecurities about jocks and athletics when his son lands a spot in a competitive NYC travel soccer league. Does this sound like a nightmare, reality, or a new TV Sitcom. All of the above and it is all brought to you by writer, journalist and hopeful TV Writer of a new sitcom – looking for a home – Bradley Jacobs. No he’s not looking for a home but his sitcom, “One of the Guys,” to bring laughter, empathy, and understanding to the life of gay parents and their journey with their children in a straight, dominated world.

About Bradley

Bradley Jacobs (also known as BJ) grew up in Santa Monica, California, and graduated from Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism. He has served as a writer and editor at Newsweek, Entertainment Weekly, Bloomberg, and Us Weekly, attending the Oscars and Sundance and regularly discussing showbiz news on CNN and MSNBC. His collection of essays on the ups and downs of being a gay dad for Shondaland, USA Today, Mom.com and more inspired his 2022 comedy pilot, “One of the Guys.” He’s also the author of “The Bungalow,” a short about four-times-wed “Rebel Without a Cause” director Nicholas Ray’s secret romance with future Oscar-nominee Gavin Lambert.

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